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Workshop designed for and produced by the Suprastudio unit at UCLA Gruaduate School of Architecture.

  The StreetView City is a collected effort by the 2010-2011 UCLA SUPRASTUDIO to capture an image of the contemporary city. Images were collected only from Google Maps using the street view function which allows anyone to experience an eye level glimpse of almost anywhere in the world. Suprastudio collected nearly 2000 images and created a catalogue of components from over 20 countries. The images have been collaged into a hillside city which could fit into any city on the planet. This snapshot of the contemporary city is launching today at StreetViewCity.org.

Since the debut in 2005, Google Map's has reconfigured how people consume and understand the complexity of global cities. Further more, with the introduction of the Street View option in 2007 our perception of the city changed once again. Google's first car equipped with a 9-eyed camera started roaming the streets and has since expand to almost 15 countries.