Prada IT (2000)


Working at OMA/AMO in Rotterdam we developed experimental retail technology and media installations for the Prada Epicenters in New York, Los Angeles & Tokyo.


The "Magic Mirror" was a screen and camera integrated into the dressing room mirror. The video feed was on an elastic time delay based on the subjects movement, the more movement - the more delay. As the custmer turns they can see themselves slightly behind in time.


The "Triptych" was a three screen installation based on the historical format for altar paintings.


The "Peep Show" is a series of small screens providing voyeuristic entertainment through hidden imagery. The content revealed the inner, behind-the-scenes workings of Prada, CCTV, webcams, etc.


The "Prada Atlas" is an interactive projection display providing a data driven infographic representation of Prada.


The "Ubiquitous Displays" are screens scattered throughout the store, on shelves, hanging between garments.


The "Intelligent Dressing Room" provides the customer and staff real time information about the garments using RFID sensors and an interactive touchscreen.


The "Staff Device", a mobile device allowing the staff to check inventory, scan garments and control the displays of the store.