Roc Nation HQ Video Wall (2019)


This work was a response to a brief requesting a creative concept for content to be displayed at the new Roc Nation HQ in Los Angeles.

The central idea was to create content generators that aggregate photos and video from social media sources like Instagram and Twitter of Roc Nation and signed talent. To format and processes the media to display on the large curved 4:1 format LED wall.

This unique approach would create a suprising yet curated visual footprint of Roc Nation, optimize the use of the ultra wide screen format, reduce the need to manually update the content, and ensure the material is super fresh.

The prototypes were fully programmed, modeled and rendered in Houdini.



A compilation video going through some prototypical ideas. The screen would be able to show single content in a standard cinema mode but as the screen is left on its own it begins to continuously accumulate the latest content from the social media channels of Roc Nation talent.




An idea to digitally replicate the iconic stairway mirror at the Chanel headquaters on Rue Chambon in Paris. The screen would pull Instagram Stories from Roc Nation talent and manipulate it.




The extreme wide 4:1 format means standard videos will need to be scaled or cropped

This idea proposes to post process content to create the illusion of a physical mural or mosaic in the space. The lighting of the room would be used to enhance the illusion.



A visual analysis of the content generated out of the @rocnation Instagram account.


The accounts currently followed by @rocnation on Instagram. Limiting the aggregators to these accounts would provide an effective curatorial filter to the content.